Client Relationships: Can You Feel The Love?

Marketing is an extremely competitive industry, which is only one reason client relationships are so vital to our business. Another reason any B2B will tell you, is client referrals. If you have a client whose sales you have increased 20-58% the relationship changes. The most intense client will mellow when he or she sees the results of their marketing. When everything works out perfectly you no longer have a client, you have a free salesman. Here are some of the some of the great things our clients have said about us. (Please note, as this IS a competitive business they are listed by company only. They are all CEO level or higher.)

“The repackaging of the Barber Dairies ice cream cartons coupled with an introductory TV commercial increased our overall ice cream sales in excess of 30% in less than 90 days. It was a really smart move for us.”–Dean Foods

“The new Vietti Chili label design accounted for an increase in 4th quarter sales by over 40% from the previous year, and we had no additional promotional or advertising support, it was all about the new label.”–Choice Foods of America

“The repackaging of our Baker Girl product line gave us a substantial return in less than 6 months and our share continues to grow. Asen knows packaging.”–Purity Foods

“Asen created new package designs for us that allowed us to get new distribution in stores we hadn’t been able to get into before. It was the best marketing investment we made for the whole year.”–Royal Cake Company

“Family Brands International experienced a 58% sales growth in our BBQ Rib line simply by having Asen remake the label. Asen philosophy of packaging has been instrumental in growing our brands.”–Family Brands International

“The introduction of our new Purity 2 piece ice cream carton created by Asen increased our market share by 29% in the first 6 weeks it was out.”–Purity Ice Cream

And they are just our food clients! Are your customers and clients feeling the love? If not, you might try providing added value in a new or unusual way, connecting them to other people in the industry, developing opportunities for their business to grow, or just brainstorming together. You might be surprised by your new free sales team.


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