A Few Social Media Networking Tips

1)   Develop a strategy of which social media are pertinent to the company. It is important to keep in mind that a completely different set of Social Networks and websites will be used for a Business to Consumer Company than a Business-to-Business, or Non-profit organization. This step should also include developing a posting calendar. It is vital to keep your pages (i.e., Facebook, twitter) updated; a ‘dead’ page is a detriment to your brand.

2)   Tap your employees and have them promote your company to their social networks. Encourage these folks to be your base as they are your “lowest hanging fans.”

3)   Encourage your new friends and fans to keep coming back to your page by offering fresh pertinent content (keep in mind that studies have shown discounts, deals, and online perceptions of value increase engagement).

4)   Use your new media as a customer service tool. Make sure complaints and compliments are addressed publicly and with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

5)   Supplement with traditional marketing. Example: we are in the process of designing check-presenter cards for a restaurant company. The cards will include the new media information. This will be followed by a press release and open house celebrating the new online face of the company.

6)   Finally, many of you will want to in-source your social media. It is important to either hire a trained professional or train an existing employee on online etiquette. Many a company has faced a PR nightmare by posting inappropriate content. Also, allow time for the person to develop and post new content after the agency is gone.

Final word: it is important for small business owners to understand that quality is a more effective judge of a campaign than quantity. As we were recently told, don’t think (like you used to) in terms of attracting the MOST people, think of attracting the RIGHT people.


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