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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Blog Break

December 18, 2009

It’s coming up on that time of year, and we have so much to do before 2010! So, we are taking a brief blog-break. We’ll write to you all soon in January, and Happy Holidays to everyone!


Co-Branding Good For Clients, Good For Us

December 4, 2009

I recently pulled a list of our most active clients, clients which are new or whose work is scheduled to begin in the next 2 months, and clients we have had lasting relationships with in the past whose companies have required less work over the last year. No, it’s not a Christmas list.

I am brainstorming opportunities for our clients to co-brand by offering their goods and services in conjunction with other non-competing companies. This has the added benefit of bringing connections and vendor relationships, reducing the cost of media spending, and cross-customer promotion for our clients. We’ve had great sales results with it in the past.

So, what’s in it for our agency?

Besides being able to offer our clients less expensive media and ‘lowest hanging fruit’ sales increases (happy clients buy more and have more to spend), it gives us a great ‘in’ with potential new clients. Best of all, these new clients don’t compete with our existing client list because we’ve hand-selected them.

To learn more about co-branding you might enjoy reading this BusinessWeek article on the topic:

Or you can always give us a ring if you are interested in co-branding with one of our clients or setting up a co-branding agreement for your company:

Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants Taps Asen for Social Networking

December 3, 2009

Copper Cellar Family of Restaurants Taps Asen for Social Networking

Knoxville, TN, December 10, 2009 –Copper Cellar Corporation has hired Asen Advertising & Marketing to assist them in developing an aggressive social media strategy incorporating Facebook and Twitter accounts for each of their restaurants.

“Our restaurants are social gathering spots. It seemed only natural to venture into the online social world to stay in touch with our customers,” said Bart Fricks, Copper Cellar COO.

The company has launched Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for Smoky Mountain Brewery and Copper Cellar and is working on the same for other restaurants within the corporation. In the first three weeks they have attracted around 700 Facebook fans and growing.  Restaurant managers will use these accounts to extend exclusive offers to customers, announce special events and gather information to continually improve the restaurants’ levels of customer service.

Smoky Mountain Brewery also has a MySpace page that features information on the bands that perform there.

“The most important parts of this campaign have been the auxiliary ad options we used to drive customers and employees to the new social media. We had an employee contest to drive traffic to the new pages, developed check-presenter inserts for existing customers, and are in the process of creating an open house for the finished pages,” said Sarah Scoonover, Director of Client Services at Asen.

Copper Cellar Corporation – Copper Cellar Corporation operates 17 restaurants throughout Middle and East Tennessee.  Restaurants include Copper Cellar, Calhoun’s, Chesapeake’s, Cappuccino’s, Cherokee Grill Steakhouse and Smoky Mountain Brewery. The restaurants are founded on a commitment to quality, consistence and unrivalled guest satisfaction and have earned both local and national awards and recognition.