Co-Branding Good For Clients, Good For Us

I recently pulled a list of our most active clients, clients which are new or whose work is scheduled to begin in the next 2 months, and clients we have had lasting relationships with in the past whose companies have required less work over the last year. No, it’s not a Christmas list.

I am brainstorming opportunities for our clients to co-brand by offering their goods and services in conjunction with other non-competing companies. This has the added benefit of bringing connections and vendor relationships, reducing the cost of media spending, and cross-customer promotion for our clients. We’ve had great sales results with it in the past.

So, what’s in it for our agency?

Besides being able to offer our clients less expensive media and ‘lowest hanging fruit’ sales increases (happy clients buy more and have more to spend), it gives us a great ‘in’ with potential new clients. Best of all, these new clients don’t compete with our existing client list because we’ve hand-selected them.

To learn more about co-branding you might enjoy reading this BusinessWeek article on the topic:

Or you can always give us a ring if you are interested in co-branding with one of our clients or setting up a co-branding agreement for your company:


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