How You Can Help People in Haiti Now

I appreciate your concern and you desire to help.  It is needed now.  It will be needed tomorrow.  It will be needed ten years from now.

My cousin had just helped to reopen a school in the community of Belloc.  I wanted to give you a brief update on his situation there and plead for your prayers.  Belloc was extremely close to the epicenter of this earthquake.  The last he had heard was that both buildings (church/school and the orphanage) at Belloc have completely collapsed.  The orphanage had not been reopened yet, but Pastor Beaulliere used the bottom level as an office.

 We have not heard from Pastor Beaulliere.  He is the pastor at the church and the principal of the school.  He and his family lived in a loft above the church/school that collapsed.  Please  pray that he and his family got out.  Pray with me that the only damage is to the buildings!  Several of his friends are headed down to Haiti (via Dominican Republic) to check on the status of all the operations in Haiti.  

In the meantime there are several ways that you can help financially.  If you are looking specifically to help the school at Belloc, please visit Havest Field Ministries.  If you feel a desire to help with the immediate relief of the Haitian people (food, water, medical supplies, etc.) please consider one of the following organizations poised to help:


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