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Slogans, Good to the Last Drop!

September 8, 2009

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about slogans and love notes. A slogan is a brief catchword or phrase summarizing the creative message of a marketing strategy. The phrase must fit in with overall brand consistency, as discussed in the previous post. Slogans are easier to remember if they use rhyme, alliteration, a play on words, or parallelism.

Example: Saturn – “A different kind of company. A different kind of car.”

A good slogan also takes on one of two forms of alignment with a brand; it can be a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or a love note.

In order to be a USP, it must make an offer to the consumer. If they purchase this product, then they will receive a specific benefit not offered by the competition.

Some examples of Unique Selling Propositions are:

Olay – “Get younger-looking skin”

M & M’s – “The chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand”

Domino’s Pizza – “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less”

A love note takes a slightly different approach in a positioning statement transcending traditional relationship boundaries to deliver a passion for the brand creating loyalty beyond reason. Love notes are connected to the consumer’s passions and inspirations.

Some examples of Love Notes:

McDonalds – “I’m lovin’ it”

Capital One – “What’s in your wallet?”

Allstate – “You’re in good hands with Allstate”

When considering a love note, it is important to consider future applications of your slogan. For example, can it be sung? Is it easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and say? A slogan created now might be used for decades, become affiliated with the logo, or turn into a jingle. Think long-term use.

Here are a few slogans we have developed for clients:

LeBlanc – “Your Future. Our Expertise”

Vietti Chili – “A Kick in the Can”

TNEH – “Designed to Inspire your life”

Green County Bank – “Simply. Your Bank”

Barber’s – “Freshness Guaranteed”

Barber’s – “Everyday Goodness”

UT Basketball – “Be on the Team”

Cades Cove BBQ – “An outrageously rich barbeque experience”

Buddy’s – “Your Kinda’ Barbeque”

And last but not least our slogan here at Asen Advertising & Marketing, “Essential Logic. Creative Magic.”


The Importance of Consistency in Branding

September 1, 2009

The Importance of Consistency in Branding

What is Brand Consistency?

Brand Consistency across the branding spectrum occurs when all messaging conforms to a consistent set of design, emotional response, and message values. This way the brand represents a storage point for information about a company, service or product. It also becomes a vessel for the consumer’s emotional awareness of the brand.

Why do we need Brand Consistency?

The purpose of brand consistency is to enhance recall of messaging, and develop rapport with the consumer on an emotional level. This occurs over time as the brand’s message, image, and association develops over time as recognition patterns form. It serves as an ideal way to make a space for your product and everything it represents in the customer’s mind. 

The advantages of branding consistency:

Easy recall for consumer

Consistent messaging is stored in consumer memory  (Ambiguity or clutter of advertising destroys messaging recall)

It increases the chances of a brand being recalled despite the recollection clutter of everyday life.

Brand linking, how the mind stores and retrieves information.

 What are the 3 most common words in Real estate…

                        Location… location… location

Words you need to remember about  branding…


Practical Applications of Consistency in Branding-


A Logo should have the same position on ads whenever possible, with consistent size, color and uniformity. Logos are particularly important because they represent the brand visually within a short period of time.


A tagline is a slogan, clarifier, mantra, company statement or guiding principle that describes, synopsizes or helps create interest. Taglines can be singular statements that embody the Universal Positioning Statement or the Unique Selling Proposition. The tagline should accompany the logo.


Using the same families of type allows the consumer to readily recognize the advertiser’s brand and the messaging to connect with previous messaging/taglines to multiply frequency and allow for recall of brand.


Color creates emotion, triggers memory, and creates sensation in the consumer’s mind. Consistent color immediately communicates to the consumer who the message is coming form.

What companies do you believe have the strongest color ownership???

            Kodak                        Yellow

            UPS                            Brown

            Coca Cola                 Red

            Target                        Red

Voice or personality of brand

The messaging should maintain a consistent tone of voice.

Ad Layout

Consistent ad layout becomes easily recognizable with consumer and enhances recall.

 Overview of Consistency in Branding

Consistency in branding can make or break the advertising strategy of a company. Regardless of the amount of time and money spent on an ad campaign, if the brand lacks consistency, a significant portion of their effort will be lost. Take care to innovate for your brand within the confines of their new or old image, or suffer the worst possible fate of a brand, being forgotten.

July 31, 2009

Paul went in guns blazing on a pitch today. The team is feeling pretty euphoric.

July 24, 2009

We are mixing it up this afternoon with our tenant party from 3 to 5p.m. Celebrating our new digs.

Hello world!

July 24, 2009

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